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5th December 2014
We have 7 week old chicks, and Point of Lay hens available now. Contact us for details

9th June 2014
We have 7 weeks old chicks, 12 week old growers, and 2 week old chicks currently. All are friendly and tame.

8th May 2014
Gordon has gone to pastures new and is living with a lovely new bunch of girls in Tarporley in Cheshire. We have set the last batch of Ausbar eggs and we are hoping to find a Gordon replacement from his new brood. We have also got another batch of eggs in the incubator with all the varieties on our website so if you fancy taking up chicken keeping, let us supply your hens to you. You wont regret it. Full support if needed comes as standard.

24th April 2014
Next batch of new chicks is available from the 24th April. Please reserve via our booking site, link below.
We have chicks of all ages too so please get in touch.

5th March 2014
We have 185 eggs int he incubator so we will be hatching them soon. All female guaranteed so don't worry you will end up with an alarm clock. Book through our booking system up to a week old. Thereafter book via main website

Black Rhode Rock chick - Rock Chick!!

Buff Barred chick - doesnt sound as cool does it?

17th October 2013
Our new chicks have hatched. If you need any chicks that are due to lay huge quantities of eggs please get your order in asap.

28th September
We have just taken delivery of a batch of eggs all the way from Ireland. They are hybrids of the highest calibre. They have been selectively bred to produce top notch egg laying ability (300+ eggs in their first year) whilst at the same time looking fabulous in the garden or smallholding. Once they hatch I will be posting pictures for you all to see how cute they will be.

They are to be a Lavender chicken, an Amber, a Sussex, Buff barred, Black Rhode Rock and a Rhode Island Red x Sussex or in other words a Buff. If you would like to put your name down for some of these little darlings please use our contact form at the bottom of the main blog page or email HERE  They are sure to be extremely popular so be quick.

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